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January 31, 2014



Love this way of looking at our jobs and other callings.

With writing these days, we have so much to think about on the business side of things. It's easy to get unbalanced and forget what a joy it is to be in the middle of a story!

Elaine Viets

Welcome, Deborah. I wanted to be an artist and live in a walkup in New York. I saw myself suffering for my art, living in a cold-water walk up. Unfortunately I have no artistic talent. I became a writer instead -- much more fun and no cold water walk up.


Welcome, Deborah. What a great fable! Thanks for sharing it. I think I'll spend a little more time with my dharma now, rather than cutting out early on a Friday afternoon as I planned.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

When I first started writing my new books, I said to my agent--what should I do? And she said: Ask the universe. I do so, every day.

Thank you, Deborah. This is so--important..

Deborah Adams

It's so easy to lose track of our path and go shopping instead, isn't it? But writers (especially you Fabulous Femmes!) have a special path. It's so important that you put your words out there -- what you write will change lives.

Charlaine Harris

It's a privilege to have this dharma, and it's exhilarating to succeed at it, at any level. People shouldn't ask how to "become" a writer. You either are, or you aren't. Right?


Dana Cameron

Welcome, Deborah! I've learned, you can't escape your dharma. I wanted to be a writer when I was very young, but didn't want to get into the bar fights and adventures I thought you needed for "experience." Archaeology was another dharma, but it led to writing, eventually. Inevitably? Thanks for sharing.

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