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February 10, 2014


Mario in DC

That's not just you. The constant inane chatter of American reporters and commentators is one reason I eschew television news and, by extension, the Olympics and holiday parades. The example you cite is inane beyond belief.

Charlaine Harris

Thanks. I didn't know if I was just extra-touchy or if I really had cause to gape.

Jan Burke

Appalling. I think one could make a fortune offering commentator-free or at least minimally commentated sports television.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, gosh. That is sad. Sometimes I don't even like to watch the Olympics because I can't stand the pressure onto athletes. So it's awful to brush off the years and years of devotion and practice.

Elaine Viets

Wretched! That man just suffered the loss of his dreams and some enpty-headed ninny says he can get an autographed.
The worst part is, she won't be fired for saying that.

Elaine Viets

Appalling. That poor man has suffered the loss of his dream in front of millions of people, and the commentator makes a remark like that. She won't be fired, either.

Dana Cameron

How ghastly. It is so easy to be trite and dismissive of someone's monumental effort. :(

Charlaine Harris

No, she won't be fired, but I hope the silence right after her words indicated Scott Hamilton was reaching over and closing her mouth forcibly.


I didn't see it, but you say he was smiling? That's Canadian for "I smite thee, you evil person. I hear you, but I'm Canadian which means being rude in public is not my go-to, so I'll smile, but inside, I'm smiting thee."

(Your pal, the Canadian)

Charlaine Harris

This announcer was babbling along while he was performing, so thankfully, he was unaware of it. Or he would have taken her head, Canadian or not. No, he smiling because he was out there doing his best and he's a pro. I applaud him.

Brendan DuBois

Charlaine, you're absolutely right... the commentator, what a dope. A serious dope. Jeezum.


What an awful thing to say. So many of these commentators don't think at all before they speak. I do appreciate the insider sports info that some of them share, but I wish most of them would just shut up.


Seems some of these commentators think THEY are the reason we're watching.

Charlaine Harris

Some commentators are just that; they explain what you're seeing, and tell you the significance of it in the scoring process. It's when the commentators go beyond that, as if they were getting paid by the word, that really gratuitous babbling goes on. This was the worst case of "open mouth, insert foot" that I'd ever heard.

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