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February 02, 2014



Love the photo of Patrick Stewart.

I don't like dancing. Okay, let me clarify - I don't like dancing where anyone can see me. I dance around my room in the dark for hours. I hated when my dad would drag me out on the floor at a wedding until we finally reached an agreement: the Twist was our dance. That said, I would love to be in the vicinity of Tom Hiddleston when he was dancing. Have you seen the video? Not to succumb (too much) to Hiddles mania, but I love that it manages to be goofy and still pretty good. He commits completely, and for that I envy him.

Jan Godown Annino

This essay is quite the kick & lift to start a fast-paced week.

It brings up lots of memories. Love Riverdance & would exercise to one of their videos for ages.
Another connection, my Irish-American college pal's daughter was an an award-winning Irish step dancer in school days (now she is a fabulous reporter for U.S News & World Reports.) so the pictures of the young dancers bring up a mighty fine memory.
dance on! Mollie -
Jan, a Guppy

Mollie Bryan

I have seen the video, Sandi. I quite agree with you! Oh yes, Jan, Riverdance was amazing. I still listen to the music, too. So glad to know about your warm memories. I loved it when my girls step danced.Such a wonderful environment for them.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, it's like our own version of Dancing with the Stars!

Jonathan and I practiced a big elaborate dance to "Our Love is here to stay" for our wedding..and on the night we were supposed to do it, our first dance, I turned to Jonathan and said--we're not really going to do this, right?

We did.

Mollie Bryan

I'm glad you had a good dance experience at your wedding, Hank! Boo on that Ballet teacher!


I so wanted to learn how to tap dance when I was young. I'd come home from school and put on the Mickey Mouse Club on television, roll back part of the carpet and try to do the same steps they did. That evening my mother and grandmother came home from the office and informed me that my career was over. We owned the building but the first floor (street level) was a restaurant. The owner had called in my noisy attempts and had me shut down. So ended my promising career after one day. LOL

Hank Phillippi Ryan

You and me, Nora! Our fabulous careers cut short by thoughtless outsiders.. As if I would ever have been a ballerina anyway! Geez.

(And I loved Mickey Mouse club. Especially Horsemasters.)

(And Spin and Marty.)

David Fuqua

Your own little Irish diva totally looks the part! I think I'd like to try Irish dance now. . .

Mollie Bryan

You'd be great , David, I'm sure! Thanks for commenting.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

SO Mollie--tell us more. What's th key to Irish dancing?

And tell us more about the book!

Charlaine Harris

My husband and I married on the basic premise that we would not go camping, eat asparagus, or dance. Which is sad, because I wish I could dance, and I do in my dreams! My ballet teacher's mom tried desperately to compliment me to my mother. The best she could come with was, "She holds her arms so pretty."

Hank Phillippi Ryan

We have a "no camping" rule, too.

(And tee hee--wonder what they're saying about you NOW that you're a superstar, Charlaine...they shoulda been NICER!)


I love dancing but managed to marry a non-dancer. I see I'm not the only one. Not that I would ever give him up—but wonder how I never discovered this flaw during the entire time we dated!

My ballet studies began early in Lynn, Massachusetts when I was two. I still have nightmarish visions about a stairway into a basement with a mirror-covered wall and a bar lined with other two-year-old girls trying to follow the commands of a faceless woman.


Dancing with Patrick would be lovely . . .
I've enjoyed the Irish dancing at Festivals . . . such energy!
Hank, I don't like that ballet teacher . . . actually not a teacher because teachers build up children's dreams and hopes. I'm glad you found a love of dance and a partner to love . . . <3

Hank Phillippi Ryan

I agree, Storyteller MAry! I think about it more than one might predict, I think, because hse was such a dream crusher. ANd I am sure she was only being--realistic. But how much "realistic" did I need at that age?

Although..it did make me go on to other things. And yes, thank ou, found both, very nicely..xoo

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, Reine, scary ballet dreams! I wonder if men have them.

When I lived in Atlanta in the early 80's , I decided to take ballet again, just for "fun." I lasted about two classes--my brain could imagine and envision what my body was supposed to do--but my body would simply NOT do it.

Margaret Eve

Sexy Rexy! Rex Harrington of National Ballet of Canada. ~rawr~

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, Margaret..off to Google him right now!

Mollie Bryan

Hank, the key to Irish dancing? Hmm. I wish I knew. It's wonderful to watch--but to learn it...let's just say it's a challenge! As far as my book goes, I'm glad you asked that question because it give me a chance to tell you about the second mystery in my book. The first one is who killed Emily McGlashen, right? The second one concerns Beatrice, my 83-year-old quantum physicist. She is getting an in-ground pool in her backyard, but when the crew begins to dig, they start finding bones and artifacts. One old chest that contains some interesting, well-preserved items...one is an old "memory" book. Who did it belong to and what relevance does it have to the rest of the story? I'll never tell!

Mollie Bryan

Charlaine, very interesting agreement with your husband. Whatever works! ;-) For the record, I had a dance teacher in college who was a vaudeville dancer. Very old school. She believed that everybody can dance. "Dancing is just like walking. You just put one foot in front of the older."

caryn st. clair

I wanted to take ballet. The 3rd month of class the teacher suggested to my mom that my temperament was more suited to tap. I took tap for several years but in my heart I still long for the pink tutu.

madeline iva

Dancing is sexy! A man (an older man?) who knows how to guide you around and is co-ordinated is to die for. I melt like butter around men who dance well. I'm glad we both share that appreciation!

Love the cover of your new book. :)

Mollie Bryan

Oh Caryn, I think you should get yourself that tutu! Madeline, I love the cover, too. It's my favorite one so far of my published books--though my next book, which is a Christmas-themed book, A CRAFTY CHRISTMAS has a great cover, too. I'm not sure I could choose which one I like best.


Mollie Bryan, I like the sound of that teacher and the notion that dancing is just like walking makes me think of Pierre Dulaine played by Antonio Banderas in Take the Lead - he said something very similar. Nd you know what, I agree, anyone can dance, doesn't make everyone good at it, but them you don't need to be good to enjoy it! ;-)

Mollie Bryan

Exactly, Michelle!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Caryn, GET THE TUTU! xxo


Mollie, I like your dance partner list, especially Baryshnikov and Patrick Stewart. :) Hubba hubba. I do enjoy dancing shows like Riverdance and also Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire or Gregory Hines movies. There's something about those guys who know how to move all over a room and look good doing it. :)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Gene Kelly! Absolutely.And Fred Astaire, of course. I had Cyd Charisse paper dolls...my fave!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

And the winner is: MAdeline Iva! Email me at hryan at whdh dot com with your address! Hurray!

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