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March 17, 2014



I'm both as well. I regard myself as a medium planner, in that I know my characters really well, I know the ending I hope to reach, and some of the high points along the way. But much of the rest occurs to me as I write. I've always used a similar analogy. I think of the plan as a map I create to some place nobody has ever gone to before. It's always a good, thoughtful map, but since I'm the first explorer of this journey, it's only natural that, once I'm underway, it's somewhat different from what I thought it would be. That's where some of the pantsing comes in.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Ah,,,,pantser. But I always start with one little idea..one thing-a unique special unusual thing that's the core of the story. Who did it? No idea. NONE.

Art Taylor

Nice post here, Donna!

Dana Cameron

Donna, I remember we did a panel of "plotting on the spot" at--was it Mayhem in the Midlands? So useful to see how we all get to a similar place taking different roads.

Vicki Weisfeld

I was moved to write on the same general topic on my blog this week--how, really, I switch between being a planner and a pantser depending on where in the story I am. It's astounding what I don't know when I start out--dead bodies everywhere! Nice post, Donna!

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