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April 11, 2014


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Perfect perfect perfect! And you don't look like you're suffering at all..
Plus--isnt it all worth it now? Hurray--and see you soon!

Julie Herman

Great photo! And the car looks great. Worth the extra mile. ;)

Alan P.

One day I was driving through Forest Park, St. Louis' gem of a city park. A group of models were getting on a bus after a photo shoot. Breezy, short, summer dresses. Pity St. Louis in late February was in the teens. Didn't know you could walk that fast in heels that high.

Marsha Sandoval

I love the classic car promotion. My book is a comedy mystery about a real estate madam who runs a call girl business to survive the Great Recession! I carry flyers in my vehicle geared specifically to the real estate agent and drop them off every time I pass an office. I hope they don't mind that I refer to all of us as prostitutes!! So far, so good.

Judith Starkston

Great photo and how wonderful of your press to promote you at Malice. Wonderful news all around.

Donis Casey

You're better than I am, Kris. I need a sweater when the temp falls below 70. That's a gorgeous cover, BTW.

Dane McCaslin

That looks great! If I didn't know any better, I'd say that you were in your element!


Hank, you're right. At this point it does seem worth it.

I agree, Julie.

Judith, it was incredibly generous of my publisher. The least I could do was go the extra mile.

Thanks, Dane. I think I was numb by that point.

Thanks, Donis! I'm pretty weather wussy, too. We get spoiled here.


Alan, you're right. Actors and models suffer unseasonable weather for ads and movies and tv all the time.

Marsha, I bet some of those real estate agents find the prostitute angle pretty funny.

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