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May 29, 2014



These sound absolutely wonderful, Katherine - and what a gorgeous jacket.

Katherine Hall Page

Thank you so much for inviting me, Dana, and I think we first met when I was moderating a panel at a library here in Massachusetts when your first book (I loved it) came out. I seem to recall our husbands were present and bonded over a shared appreciation of wines!

Elaine Viets

Good advice, Katherine. I enjoy writing short stories, but they are so much more difficult than novels. Look forward to "Small Plates."

Sally Schmidt

Agatha Christie and Shirley Jackson sitting down together for a drink - what a great mental picture. As a reader, I don't mean to be but I am sure I am more critical of short stories. I can work through the parts of a novel I don't like, but a short story has to hold me at the start and all the way through. I have found some new authors through their short stories but not so much the other way around. These stories sound intriguing. Can't wait to read them.


Welcome, Katherine. I like reading and writing short stories, too. I especially love the quotes on stories. I've read Poe's before, but never the one by Thoreau. There's wisdom in that.

Dana Cameron

That sounds about right, now that you mention it, Katherine! :-)

Thanks again for guest blogging for the Femmes Fatales!

Katherine Hall Page

Thank you for all these great comments and I was particularly struck by the truism (at least for me) about demanding more of a SS. Am definitely more critical of them, as you can always skip the boring parts of a novel.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

So fabulous! cannot wait to read these..xoxo

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