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June 26, 2014



Thank you, Nancy! Good topic. I know I've had a lot of help. The mystery community is full of giving people.

I can't believe this is Marla #11 already! Congratulations on it and the new writing guide. Hope there's a new fantasy in the works, too.

Nancy J. Cohen

My next fantasy romance comes out August 1st. I'll have a launch party online for Warrior Lord, #3 in my Drift Lords series. Thanks for having me here!

Christine Kling

What a great topic, Nancy. I've been so fortunate to know writers like you and the many others in our community who have shared their knowledge and experience. You might add another way to give back through volunteering to serve a writer's organization. As the current president of our local MWA chapter I know you are giving loads of your time to serve others. And we appreciate it.

Susan Oleksiw

Excellent post. Your list shows how easy it is to give back. We have lots of opportunities to help each other, and we can each find something unique. There's wonderful synergy in the mystery community, and I think this is why librarians always comment on how much fun mystery panels are.

Jan Washburn

You do practice what you preach, Nancy. You have been so generous with your time and your talents to help other writers.

Hebby Roman

This is a wonderful topic, as I've found that writers/authors are very giving of their time and talent with mentoring on both writing and promotional topics.

Marilyn Levinson

What a wonderful post, Nancy. You remind me of the importance of helping our fellow writers and some great ways to do it.

Jacqueline Seewald

Good suggestions, Nancy.

Nancy J. Cohen

Yes, volunteering for your local writers group can be very rewarding and is certainly a great way to give back. I forgot to mention judging contests, where you offer feedback, as another way to share your expertise. Also, answering pleas for information on the loops when you have time can be helpful to newer members.

Jane Ederlyn

As one of your mentor students, your time, thoughtful editing, & career advice was an experience that we're extremely grateful for and will never forget. We hope to pay it forward.

Mary Ricksen

You are a great example of practicing what you preach! You do all of these things Nancy, and I respect you so much for it...

J.C. McKenzie

Great post Nancy! Definitely a great list for authors, including myself.

Nancy J. Cohen

You're making me blush, people. Thanks for the compliments, but I am only returning the favor after learning so much--and I still am--from my fellow authors.


"Do some good out there and it might follow you home" - I've never heard it put better!

Mary S.

Yay on a new Drift Lords!! Looking forward to it.


Thanks Nancy, as a new writer I appreciate all the generous writers who have helped me along the way. One day I hope to repay them by helping other. Of couse, I have to learn what to do first.

sydney St. Claire

Great post and good things to keep in mind. None of us got where we are on our own. There are many people in our backgrouns. Thanks for the reminder to pass it own.

Nancy J. Cohen

You're right, Sydney, in that none of us got where we are on our own. My career didn't go anywhere until I joined Florida Romance Writers back in 1988, joined a critique group and attended my first conference. To this day, I attribute my getting published to FRW. And I gave back by serving as President for two years, along with many other roles.


Thank you Nancy. What a great post. As an emerging writer I'm constantly impressed by the generosity of my fellow writers. Writers like you are an inspiration.

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