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June 30, 2014


Barb Goffman

What restaurant is this?
at least one local restaurant trains its employees to ask not “is everything okay?” but “is everything fabulous?”


Thank you, you just articulated that vague annoyance that I hadn't quite pinned down.


I'm tired of the surveys too. And the company that says I have to rate them all 5's or they'll lose money or status from corporate because anything less than a 5 means they're doing horrible. I never fill out the surveys on the receipts because I can't print out the 5% discount form, or when I wrote down the gazillion long number, the discount wouldn't come up on the computer at the store. Of course, I wrote the number down wrong. Never mind I checked it 3 times. Or maybe you typed it in wrong, oh, you typed it in 3 times. The manager said she'd take it up with corporate. Only so I'd rate them 5. So they wouldn't lose their rating with corporate. Not worth it.


Oh how I love you, Donna. No, you're not unusually cranky - if you weren't cranky about this you'd be either a moron or on drugs. My worst was a call from a surveyor asking me how fabulous a doctor's appointment had been. The last question was how it might be improved. My answer was: not phoning up and asking me to answer questions about it. Silence.


I occasionally complete surveys if I really like the company or REALLY hate them. A recent bigger annoyance is when I sent a detailed complaint through a restaurant's corporate website feedback link and never received so much as an acknowledgement. It's been several months.


In order to see this comment, please complete the following brief survey....

The only one I fill out regularly is for Hallmark, where I get $2 off if I do. Guarenteed $2 off, none of this chance to win at some point in the future maybe non-sense. And with my addiction to their ornaments, I use those coupons like crazy.

But the rest, I pretty much ignore. Heck, I kept my receipt from Jack in the Box from Saturday because I had some very specific feedback to give them about how poor their service was. But now I can't find the thing, so I guess they won't get it.


I hate these surveys, too. I've had employees tell me that if their customers didn't do the surveys, the company might close that store and they'd all lose their jobs. Really? Keeping stores open isn't based on the income they generate, but how many people do their stupid surveys? I also always feel they're skewed in such a way to encourage us to tell them they're doing a wonderful job. How does that help them improve? Whenever I have complained about genuinely bad service or some other problem that really needs fixing, nobody has ever contacted me. How much do they really care. I think surveys are just a sign that some large companies have money to burn.

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