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June 20, 2014



It sounds wonderful. I always fear that if I went to Comicon, though, an alarm would go off - "TBBT!TBBT!" - identifying me as someone who heard about Comicon on a certain sit-com . . .


It is wonderful, Catriona! But I suspect tens of thousands of others learned about it the same way. Alarms can't go off for everyone. :)

Mary S.

77,000! That's a lot of crazy people. :) So glad you had a big time, Kris. That's pretty cool that stars come to these. It's a nice thing to do for the fans.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Wow..amazing...you must have been laughing every minute..how wonderful!

Kathryn McKade

But, but, fezzes are cool! ;) Bowties, however, are a different story…

Sounds like it was a blast, Kris! Glad to hear everything went so smoothly. :)


Mary, there was something for everyone there.

Hank, you're right. Loads of laughs.


Katy, I think we have to agree to disagree about fezzes. ;)

Kathryn McKade

Sounds fair! ;)

Sally J. Smith

I missed it this year, Kris. So glad you took the time to post about it. Took my straight to it. :-)


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