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June 11, 2014


Dana Cameron

I'm so thrilled for you, Dean! Thank you for these lovely pictures. The first time we were in Istanbul, the scaffolding was still up on the interior of the Hagia Sophia. The next trip, it was down--and we were able to see the glorious interior as you did!


And then the whole thing would be tax-deductible! It sounds amazing, Dean.

Charlaine Harris

Have you read Mehmet Murat Somer's very funny mysteries set in Instanbul? I've really enjoyed them. Dean, I'm so happy you got to take this trip!

Dean (Miranda) James

Catriona, tax-deductible is always good -- plus I met with my Turkish agent while I was there. I have not read Somer's mysteries, but now I plan to -- to see what I missed during my visit to Istanbul. :-)

Joyce Moore

Hi Dean: I too devoured Nancy Drew mysteries, but somehow I missed the one set in Istanbul. I went to Turkey last year and was in Istanbul 4 days by myself, except for meeting with my lovely female guide during the day. I went to a Turkish bath she recommended and it was hevenly--all bubbles and tile floors and skilled hands making me feel like a queen. I'd love to go back.

Dean (Miranda) James

Joyce, that Turkish bath does sound wonderful! If I ever make it back I will certainly have to try it.

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