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July 01, 2014



I like the idea of tattoos but I don't have one myself. A cousin and a couple of aunts (both in their fifties) each have one significant tattoo, and another cousin uses them to mark important events in her life. She has a dozen or so. Everyone has their own reason, but if I were to get one of want it to be original and significant. I just don't know what that is yet.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Really Sandi? It's such a mindset, I guess..some people think it's fabulous, and others not so much. My beautiful niece is covered with them, and they are absolute works of art.

I keep picturing her, though, at my age...how are those going to look? But I admit to potential fuddy-duddy status..

Mary S.

We can't help it, we were raised in the Fuddy-Duddy Age. :)

Sandi, I agree with you. If I were to get one, I'd want it to show something significant in my life. Once I saw a guy who had a whole Irish scene on his arm, with cottage, hills and fields, horses. His whole arm was green but it was beautiful artwork.

Sheila, this sounds like a fantastic book! It's good to switch things around, like viewpoint, every now and then. Look forward to it!


I figure ugly tattoos will look ugly no matter the wearer's age, and beautiful ones will always be beautiful. If I knew I'd look like this: http://editorial.designtaxi.com/news-tattooedold15042014/2.jpg at sixty ish, I'd certainly decorate like she did! One of my aunts has a tiger on her hip (long family story, but the tiger is significant to her). The other aunt has a running shoe and "26.2" on the back of her shoulder commemorating her first marathon.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Huh. That's a good way of looking at it..!

And aw, that's nice Sandi..I can sort of see (!) getting a marathon tattoo. That's a huge success. I bet she's happy every time she looks at it. xoo


So interesting. I'm puting Inkslinger's Ball on my TBR list right now. I don't have any tattoos and can't see one coming but other people's meaningful tattoos can make me fill up - my nephew has my parents' signatures tattooed on his back. And when your hairdresser has scissors and comb tattooed on her arm you know you're in dedicated hands. Then there's the guy in the thrift store in town who has a gun tattooed on his neck ... that's a very definite decision about your future, right?

Sheila Lowe

I bought a book called Permanence, which is a series of photos of tattooed people, along with their handwriting explanation of why they got that particular tatt. Perfect for me!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Permanence. SO interesting. And amazingly perfect for you!
xoox and thank you for being here today! HOpe our paths cross in person soon..

Sheila Lowe

Thanks for hosting me, Hank. Hopefully, we'll have that face-to-face at Boucheron. Finally, a convention in my neighborhood (sort-of--about 80 miles south).

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