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July 21, 2014


Dana Cameron

Oooh! Always so fun to get an insider's view, Charlaine! Can't wait to see the movies!

Sally Schmidt

Your post is right on! I read and watch a variety of genres, but I love the Hallmark Channel because I know just what to expect and enjoy seeing my favorite actors. Can't wait for the series, sounds great and great casting - haven't read this series so have to go back and catch up now.

And I can relate to your choice of clothes!

Charlaine Harris

I don't know how much of an insider I am, Dana, but I have gotten over being so scared at industry events. There's kind of a shock once you first see A REAL ACTOR YOU'VE SEEN ON THE SCREEN, and then you realize, "Hey. That's just another person, albeit a very attractive one." And it readjusts your thinking.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Wow is right! Amazing. And so exciting.

Movie stars have a different look, though, don't they? Why is it that you can tell?

And your outfit sounds perfect.

And hey--they are just as excited to meet YOU.

Sitting on the swimming pool, though. Still considering that. What can the people in the pool see?

Charlaine Harris

Nah, Hank, they are NOT as excited to meet me, since not very many of them are great readers (of course, there are exceptions). Probably the same proportion as the general populace, I guess. Maybe the difference in them lies in that they know they are being observed all the time, and that has to change the way you act.

I suppose the people in the pool would see a lot of shoe soles! And I can't imagine what people look like from below. That's a perspective we seldom get!

Sally, I hope you enjoy the books. There are no cell phones, that's how old they are!

Elaine Viets

Wow for me, too. Mega impressed you mingled with the stars. Congratulations on finding a good home for Aurora.
About the pool -- aren't you glad you weren't wearing a short skirt?


The glass floor is a fascinating idea - I can't work out whether its to watch people swimming while you eat or watch people eating while you swim.


I loved the Aurora series & and it seems like a perfect fit for the Hallmark channel. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

As for the glass floor, that sounds pretty odd. A cool concept I suppose, but don't really make a lot of sense.

Charlaine Harris

Glass floors don't make sense at all, to me, and standing on one made me decidedly nervous. I always wear pants, and there was no one swimming, so I was spared the worry about another sort of viewing! The star feature of the house to me was the terrace, a great expanse of grass with a stone balustrade low enough to have the great view of Los Angeles. And Hallmark had put a 20-foot Christmas tree up, decorated in red.

Leigh Evans

I do love these insider blogs. Do you think there's a portrait of Morgan Fairchild in some attic? Because she's totally resisted any noticeble droopage.

Thrilled to hear that Aurora's going to Hallmark. What a perfect fit!

Ellen Rappaport

I enjoyed the Aurora Teagarden mysteries and was sorry when you stopped writing them. I look forward to watching them on TV.

Charlaine Harris

I think it's a good fit too, Leigh. Morgan F. is even shorter than I am, which is some kind of short! But she's still lovely, for sure.

Thanks, Ellen, I'm very interested in seeing the finished product.

Marcia Talley

Such exciting news! (We can live vicariously!) Are they going to update Aurora, or keep her firmly in the time the books were originally set?

Charlaine Harris

Marcia, I think they'll update her. I've been looking at the books to prepare myself, and the glaring things are no cell phones, which is such a huge difference now, and one dress Roe wears has padded shoulders! Ha! Other than that, I think they've stood the test of time pretty well. For books that are over 20 years old . . . give or take


I am so glad to hear this the Aurora books are my among my favorites, so disappointed when the series ended

Diane Vallere

I love hearing about Hallmark's change to Movies and Mysteries. I've heard they're doing quite well with the mysteries that they've done so far. Congrats on the Aurora deal!


I so wish I got the Hallmark Channel or whatever it will be called. I'd love to watch some of their shows. (And I'm jealous of you getting to meet Tron/Scarecrow/Captain Sheridan, aka Bruce).

Charlaine Harris

Diane, I hope the mysteries continue to do well for Hallmark, so they'll search for series among our mystery community to film. Wouldn't that be great? There are so many excellent traditional mystery series around now.
Mark, I cannot tell a lie. I didn't introduce myself to Bruce Boxleitner, because I couldn't imagine what i'd talk to him about. I admired him from afar. He looks GREAT.

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