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July 23, 2014


Jeffrey Marks

Have you ever read her romances under the Westmacott name?

Dean James

Yes, I read two or three of them about 30 years ago. Time to revisit those as well.

Charlaine Harris

I've rediscovered her books on my electronic reader. They're so nice for traveling! I do think Christie tended to rotate some "stock" characters, but her observations about human nature are very sharp indeed.

Dana Cameron

I adored her short stories--so smart and so very much of the period!


Funnily enough, Dean, I've been re-watching the marvelous Joan Hickson Marples too this week. Sleeping Murder, 4.50, Murder at The Vicarage, A Murder is Announced and The Moving Finger.

All wonderful except for the casting of Megan in TMF - I can't imagine why you'd have an actress of at least thirty playing twenty, who can't actually act ???

Elaine Viets

Dame Agatha is my comfort read, Dean, and I go back to her novels again and again. I love her character descriptions. It's been said Agatha Christie entertained more women in bed than any man.

Mary S.

Crooked House was my first too, Dean. They Came To Baghdad is one I missed. Must remedy that soon. Thank you, Dean!


I also like Why didn't they ask Evans (AKA The boomerang clue) and Destination: unknown. Why didn't they ask Evans has the light-heartedness of many of her early works. Bobby Jones and Lady Frances Dertwent (Frankie), the protagonists, are funny, silly young people who treat the detection of murder as a game… at first.

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