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September 24, 2014


Marcia Talley

Living the dream! :-). I've been a fan of your books since day one, so will definitely tune in on Oct 19. Hope they don't mangle the book too badly. Have you seen a preview,?

Deborah Donnelly

Not just a preview - I've seen the whole movie. It's fun...and very Hallmark. But fun! Just hearing the actors say my characters' names was such a kick.

Helen Dezendorf

Great to hear your voice, Deborah. I am looking forward to seeing Carnegie come to life.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

OH, my goodness. This makes me burst into tears. YOu are amazing, and I will in in front of the TV with you. Well, theoretically with you. But hurray!

And oh, I bet it was so wonderful to hear the names! Love it.

Deborah Donnelly

Thanks, Helen! I remember the photo you sent me when the book first came out, with all your family and friends holding up copies. You're my best fan!

And Hank, thank you as well. It's a huge thrill to have this happening.

Marcia Talley

Deborah, I remember us chatting at one conference or another about your book covers, so to refresh my memory, I just checked your website. Talk about schizophrenia in the art department! What were they thinking?

Deborah Donnelly

Beats me, Marcia. The series covers went from soft and vintage looking (which I loved), through a chick lit phase (which I got used to), and ended with a cartoon sort of thing on a black background (which I also got used to).

The strangest thing to me was that "Died to Match" has a sort of eerie cover, and I had a few people at signings tell me they wouldn't read it because of that!

Linda Jordan

Wow, just wow. You have the patience of a saint! I'll be tuned in watching too. I'm interested in seeing what they've done with your book. Oh, and love your new website!

M. H. Kzinski

It will be great to have Carnegie back, but I'm already preparing my line reading for "Not bad, but the book was way better."

Mary S.

Weee! SO EXCITING! When you sit down to watch it, remember many other authors will also be cheering and fist-pumping in front of the TV. :) Congratulations and have fun!

Elaine Viets

Congratulations, Deborah! And to think I signed with you at Vero Beach Book Center (can I drop your name, huh?) Sending big bouquets your way.

Deborah Donnelly

Linda, I'm glad you like the website - it was fun to freshen it up.

M.H. - IMHO, the book IS way better - but the movie is fun.

Mary - Thanks!!

Elaine, I remember that reading well. You knocked 'em dead! Mmmm, this bouquet is gorgeous...

Dan Larson

Congrats, Deborah! I think I'll adopt the nickname "Switchblade."

Dorothy Hoffmann

So glad to hear that it is finally coming true, although quite a road to travel to get there! You write so beautifully, do wish you would consider another series....

Kara Schuft

This is absolutely wonderful! I cannot wait to watch it!!! :) Well done and congratulations, Deborah!

Deborah Donnelly

It's a catchy name, Dan - definitely suits you.

Dorothy, thanks for the good thought about another series. That's definitely in the cards.

Thanks, Kara!

Charlaine Harris

This is very exciting, and I wish you luck. My Aurora novels are being made into Hallmark movies, and I know the experience is going to be both exciting and baffling.

Deborah Donnelly

Hooray! Can't wait to see them.

Nancy Martin

What a thrill! Not just for you, but all mystery writers. Many congrats, Deborah. You're a talented writer, a terrific wordsmith. This movie is much deserved!

Deborah Donnelly

Hey thanks, Nancy. High praise from a writer like you!

With the Hallmark Movie Channel rebranding as Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, it looks like we'll be seeing a lot more mystery stories making it to the screen. After all, who doesn't love a mystery?

Marni Graff

Wonderful news, Deborah! Even Louise Penny found the changes and casting choices of Still Life something she had to get used to... Let's hope it drives new readers to your other books!

Deborah Donnelly

That's certainly my hope, Marni! Thanks for the good word.

Denise Johnson

Congrats at last, Deborah! Aaron may be too tall but looks kinda hunky! Forgot about the Holt Walker name; wish they could have filmed here.

Barbara Holt

"Veiled Threats" is a WAY better title than "Wedding Planner Mystery"! But whatever they call it, I gotta see it! Now I just need to find someone with cable who gets the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel who will let me camp out on their couch that evening.

Deborah Donnelly

Well...both the Aaron and the Holt actors are kinda hunky...

Thanks, Barbara!


Consider writing mother book...it has been a long, long time.


Typo...meant consider writing another book!

Deborah Donnelly

I'll be working on that, Margaret - the "another" part, that is!

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