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October 28, 2014



Like you Catriona, I love the aftermath of a good party. Everyone always asks if they can help clean up and I always say no.

I have my system and watching it all come together again is just very rewarding.

I also don't mind laundry, but wouldn't say I am quite as enamored as you are.

What I can't deal with is yard work, gardening, raking leaves, etc. Glad the other half doesn't mind that.


I'm with you about the laundry. It feels like an accomplishment when it's all sorted, stacked, and ready to be put away. I iron once every 3-4 months and, oddly, I don't mind it once I get organized and start. But I have to talk myself into it weeks in advance and only get out the basket when the only other option is wearing my "Be nice or I'll put you in my next book" sweatshirt to the opera.

Kris Neri

Catroina, you lose me on loving the laundry, and I scarcely remember how to iron. I don't really like any of the household chores, I just like having them done. My undergardener vacuums and changes the sheets and will often clean one of the bathrooms, so I don't feel too burdened. I'm a more thorough cleaner, while he's neater, which means we balance each other well. I don't think I could live with either a slob, or someone obsessed with cleaning.

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