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October 20, 2014


Toni LP Kelner

When signing in a bookstore, how about, "Where's the bathroom?" and "Where are the books by ?"

But there are questions we like to hear:

"Can I buy a dozen more copies for friends?"

"Have you lost weight?"

"Who can I write to at your publishing house to ask them to give you another contract?"

"Are you sure you haven't lost weight?"

Charlaine Harris

Oh, Toni, those are PERFECT.

Leslie Budewitz

Good lists, Charlaine and Toni! Another DO ASK: "When will the next one be out?" (It may be months, but it feels so good to know readers are already interested!)

Dean James

My favorite "what not to say" happened to me over a year ago. Woman at event glances at my book cover -- with a cat on it -- and says "I'm up to here" -- indicates her neck -- "with books about cats." To be fair, she also said she was also up to there with mysteries about knitting.

Sara Weiss

I love all your books and don't get upset that you never remember me. :)

Elizabeth Foxwell

I felt somewhat fatuous to have gushed to Famous Writer, "I love your books," only to be told by Deb Adams that *no* writer is ever tired of hearing this. Phew.

Amber Green

Have you heard about my book? Can I just say a few words about it while you arrange your notes?

Hank Phillippi Ryan

You are so perfect! xoo

"Do you remember me?" Ahhhh...

HOw about " When Charlaine Harris was here, the place was FULL...." Gee, we should have split the money.


Charlaine Harris

But had she read any mysteries with knitting cats, Dean? Sara, I wish I could instantly recognize everyone I've met; but even people I know fairly well, the help of a name tag is really welcome. Not my strong point. Amber, that's hilarious! Really? Sure, Hank . . . we'll split the money.


"Wait, you're not SJ Rozan/Dana Stabenow/someone I'm more interested in..."

Sigh; I wish my memory were better, but these days, if it's not on a post-it in my hand, it's likely not in my brain, either.

Elaine Viets

"I never read cozies." Always said with disgust.
"I never read books by women." Alas, that often comes from women.
I don't mind hearing, "I'm on the list for your mysteries at the library." I love books, too, and couldn't keep my 4-5 book a week habit going without the library.

Sally Schmidt

Well I haven't written a book so I won't ask you to read it. Mostly I just get tongue-tied and try not to say anything too goofy because I'm happy you're signing in my area. You are all so gracious (you know who you are!) - hopefully most of us just want you to know what enjoyment we get from your books.

Charlaine Harris

Sally, that's a delightful way to put it, and I can't tell yo how energizing it is for me when a reader tells me she's really enjoyed a book I've written.

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