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December 01, 2014


Karen in Ohio

I am a list maker, and as you said, it's partly so I don't forget, and partly for the immense satisfaction of crossing off tasks as they're done. And I still have lists of things I've been saving and adding to for decades: plantings I've done/planned; life goals; character names for one-of-these-days fiction.

My middle daughter is a list maker extraordinaire. She keeps very detailed lists of her lists, categorized by topic.

Sally Schmidt


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Karen in Ohio--that's very impressive! I love the history aspect of it.. ANd your daughter sounds wonderful!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yup, Sally, I do, too. HOpe all is well..xoxoo

Karen in Ohio

She is, Hank. Thank you.

Kait Carson

Definitely make lists and yes, I add the done so I can cross something off. My favorite lists have check boxes. Oops, forgot to check something off,just did it now. I must say though, I'm impressed you KEEP your lists. That is something.

Elaine Viets

Definitely a listmaker, Hank. And when my lists get out of hand, I make lists of lists.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Kait, throwing away the list is not on the list! Right?

Elaine-but of course! xoxo

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