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March 02, 2015


Donna Andrews

I haven't read much of her, under any of her names, but will put her on my horison!


I also recently rediscovered Dell Shannon; I'd read most of her books as they were published. Despite being dated, particularly in attitudes toward women, they are still enjoyable.

Charlaine Harris

Thanks, PlumGaga. I feared that the passages about women would be antiquated, but I do look forward to rereading them.

Donna, she was a pioneer in her time, and well worth sampling.

jean utley

When I moved to California in 1978, I was looking for comfort reading, and local settings. I read all the Shannons and the Egans and the Linningtons. I started recognizing landmarks and soon became much more comfortable in my adopted home.

Kait Carson

Never heard of Dell Shannon (the writer). Definitely on my TBR list now.

Charlaine Harris

Jean, that shows us we don't know what ripples we may cause in the pool when we write a book.

Kait, I hope you enjoy her. She gave me many happy hours when I was much younger.

Doris Ann Norris

She was great. One of her Lesley Egan books had a detective rearranging his mystery book shelves, which gave me more writers to try.
My father, an avid mystery fan, would not read books written by a woman, but he loved Dell Shannon and I never told him.
Thanks Charlaine

Charlaine Harris

Doris Ann, how good to hear from you! I have fooled my son in a similar fashion. I'm so glad to hear from a big fan of Linington/Shannon/Egan's!

Susan Neace

She wrote interlocking stories that reflected the way police work may sort out cases in fits and starts, and in many instances the investigations ran over several books. They were addictive to read. I would warn that for today's reader, they reflect police attitudes toward mental illness and closeted gay characters that probably exist today but I would hope were out of date.

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