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March 10, 2015


Lori Rader-Day

It's like original series Star Trek, but Picard.

You are such a nerd and I love it.

Kelly Saderholm

My favorite non-apology was by a elementary student "Ms. Saderholm, Ms
XX (assistant principal) told me to come in here and say I'm sorry for my bad behaviour."
Me: "And are you sorry for your behaviour?"
He thought a minute "Not really."

It was one of those I really wanted to laugh, but I had to be serious moments. HE wasn't being disrespectful (I don't tolerate that) but rather was restless and having trouble concentrating during math class.

Allan J. Emerson

You've hit on a primary source of irritation for me--the non-apology which is really sneering at you for complaining. The subtext being "your complaint is completely without merit and we don't give a damn about it or you, but our response cuts the legs out from under you if you decide to pursue it."

I know this sounds incredibly crabby, but the pretense of regret over poor service infuriates me.


Donna Andrews

It's ironic, isn't it? So many times, the best way to make up for a customer service snafu is a sincere apology--something along the lines of "I'm sorry. We screwed up royally. I know it doesn't make up for what we did, but I'd like to offer . . . " followed by something nontrivial, like a comped meal, hotel night, gift card. And yet the businesses are so afraid of being sued if they admit their mistakes that they make apologies so weaselly that they reinflame the customers' anger.

Sally Schmidt

I love to read the dialogue, not so much experience it in my own life.

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