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March 09, 2015


Sherry Harris

My grandfather had tons of sticks of all different sizes in his basement -- from a foot long to walking size because you never know when one would come in handy. The gene skipped a generation and all the Air Force moves have helped me clean out more than I'd have if we stayed in one place. But I still have a Seventeen magazine where Cybil Shepard is teen model of the year.

Donna Andrews

Alan, I'm not confessing to most of my packrattery. But I will share a success story: recently I found a vendor, RetroFloppy, that could convert all my dad's Apple II genealogy diskettes for a reasonable price AND is an Apple II hobbyist who wanted to make my old CPUs off my hands. I sent him the equipment he wanted and took a big load to our local electronics recycling center (which is around the corner from the One More Page Bookstore) and feel tons lighter. I need more wins like that.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

NO, no, not confessing. But I do have a lot…of t-shirts. Last night I wore one from Atlanta, 19…80? I MISSED THE STONES at the Fox Theater, it says. Can't throw that one, right?

ANd another from Atlanta, 1976 maybe? It says: Official SKYLAB Target.

Alan Orloff

Sherry - I have a collection of sticks, too! Except I keep them out in my yard, under a forest of trees.

Donna - Apple II, that's going back! Someday I'll show you my Timex Sinclair (Yes, I still have it.)

Hank - SKYLAB? Nice! And not to play Mr. Toppit, but I have a t-shirt from 9th grade!

Allan J. Emerson

My stuff will be valuable some day... Problem is, cleaning out the basement makes building the pyramids seem like a weekend job. And there could be alligators down there, so best to just leave things be.

susan b

I'm so fascinated by the Kindle Scout program. Congratulations on your win! About fifteen years ago I moved cross country. I shipped two cardboard boxes and loaded up the back of my SUV - and that is all I moved. Somehow I still have two shirts that are 30 years old. Can't give them up.

Alan Orloff

I promised to give away a book to the best packratting story, but I can't choose. So I'd like to gift a copy to all of the commenters! Sherry, Donna, Hank, Allan, and Susan B.: If you could send your email address (I think it works best if it's the one tied to your Amazon account) to: [email protected] I'll get a copy out to you! Thanks for commenting!


I used to be a real book hoarder, couldn't walk past a bookstore without buying at least one title. Knowing I would never be able to read all of them, but I just couldn't help myself...

Then the best thing ever happened: I became a mother. The day I knew, everything changed: I had to clear out most of my books to make room for a nursery - and now didn't mind at all.

Today I guess I'm still a book hoarder, but mostly of e-books, so no space problems there (yet). I still like to go on the hunt in bookstores, but now its mostly for childrens books ;)

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