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April 06, 2015


Karen in Ohio

No clue about Charli XCX, either.

But you make a good point; hopefully, you aren't just writing for someone to read today. With great good luck, readers will keep discovering and enjoying your work for years to come. And even if you did, and your readers did, know whether or not Charli XCX was charming or a brat today, in ten years they surely won't.

I just finished a Tony Hillerman (non-Leaphorn) from 1971. It was odd reading about the different kinds of typewriters, and how difficult it was for him to find a telephone in the deserted statehouse. If he had referenced any pop culture of the time, though, it might have resonated with someone like me, in my 60's, but hardly with a young person of today.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yeah, Karen, it's an interesting balance between historical correctness--of course that's good. And making short-cut references that don't mean anything because they're not understood on the other end.

It happens to me every day when I read Publishers Lunch. A book will be pitched as XX meets YY. Often I think--who the heck is THAT?

I may be..old, and undereducated, or something. :-) But still.

Sally Schmidt

I'm here for my extra credit point, hahaha! I love the references and inside jokes because they make me feel more connected with the characters, but you raise a good point. I must be reading a lot in my age group or something but not sure I would like it so much if there were a lot of references to things I know nothing about - or maybe they would go over my head so it wouldn't matter?

Husband and I were imitating some of the old Hanna Barbera characters (who knows why) - Quick Draw McGraw, Yogi Bear, Chopper who loved the dog biscuits . . . hilarious to us. Granddaughter knew who H-B were but no clue about these cartoons. But who on earth is Charli XCX???

Keep writing just the way you do, I love it. ;-)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Aw, thank you Sally! Yup, the chasm of generations especially wide when it comes to TV shows--I missed the entire 1980's, so when someone mentions Full House or Facts of Life, I'm clueless.
But I'm completely conversant in Yogi Bear. Hey hey hey Boo Boo!

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