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April 13, 2015


Dana Cameron

It's all the "extra" stuff, Charlaine, on top of the writing, that seems to take up so much time. And it's also the prep for the extra stuff (like getting to the post office with contest prizes and booking travel). Hang in there and be tougher!

Charlaine Harris

I must be, Dana. At least I'm turning down some things, now. But I always have a twinge of guilt when I do. Boy, am I southern.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Just say no.It's so difficult!

You know Wally Lamb? He told me once he has a 3x5 card taped to his landline phone..and on it, one word. NO.

To remind him.

Charlaine Harris

That's a great idea, Hank. And one I should implement. I do enjoy meeting readers, I enjoy it a lot, but not only should I be home working (!), I'm past 60 and have to stretch my energy a bit farther.

Leona Villines

Your books have got me back into reading. That's something that I was unable to do for several years when my schedule was too hectic. I am disabled now with a laundry list of problems and I really enjoy your books. So from one Arkansas gal to another;good luck in all you do.look forward to any new books that you come out with.

Charlaine Harris

Leona, you couldn't tell me anything that made me happier. I'm so glad you are able to read, and I hope your life becomes easier. Thanks for letting me know that my books have given you a lift.


It is hard to say know, Charlaine, especially since, besides being southern, you're a nice person. But time doesn't stretch like bubblegum. Keep saying no when you have to, and think of your readers who want that new book.


GACK! I meant NO, not know.
Having a serious case of the Mondays, ya know?

Charlaine Harris

Oh, but I had a good laugh, Elaine. And you're so right, time DOESN'T stretch like bubblegum. There's only a finite amount of it!

Donna Andrews

And then there's the fact that all the things that call to us to do them are such good ways of procrastinating from writing. Show me a writer with a clean house and I'll show you a writer with a looming deadline!

Charlaine Harris

Oh, I know. The top half of my mind is telling me I should clean out my closet. The bottom is telling me to finish the book. I need to listen to the bottom.

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