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June 12, 2015


Marcia Talley

Ooooh, can't wait!

Elaine Viets

Characters really are like children, aren't they, Dana? We think we've figured them out,and then they turn around and do something unexpected. Can't wait for Anna's novel adventure.


Thanks, Marcia and Elaine!

Elaine, every single time I write Anna, she goes rogue. Which is in character, I guess, but really, really annoying some times!

Mary S.

:) :) Going rogue is cool. It's gonna be great!

Charlaine Harris

Anna is unpredictable, which takes a lot of planning.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, I cannot wait to read this. GO, Dana! xoo


Thanks, Mary!

You're so right, Charlaine--I think that's why each successive story has been harder to write.

Thanks, Hank! Got a lot of work ahead of me!

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