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June 30, 2015


Karen in Ohio

Sherry, surely you know about the real Longest Yard Sale, which is 690 miles long, starting in the middle of Michigan, and ending in Alabama, near Birmingham: http://www.127sale.com/about-us/

And a map: http://www.127yardsale.com/route-map

Lots of fictional places I'd love to visit, but the little village where Hamlet MacBeth is the constable sounds lovely.

Sherry Harris

I do know about it Karen! I hope I get there one of these days!

Charlaine Harris

There's a huge one in Tyler, Texas, every third Thursday. Though I better check on that date. It's vast! Acres and acres! Definitely trash and treasure. Lots of people pull children's wagons behind them to put their purchases in.

Karen in Ohio

Of course you do!

I just realized it's Hamish MacBeth, not Hamlet. A little town in Scotland.

Elaine Viets

Welcome, Sherry. My big coup at a garage sale was two CD towers. It was the end of the sale and the owners gave them to me free and helped load them into my car. Can't beat the price and the service.
I'd like to visit the fictional flat of Sherlock Holmes -- but not because I want to consult with the Great Detective.


Lake Wobegon! I'm going to MN for the first time this September and I haven't given up hope of finding it.

Sherry Harris

Oh, Charlaine I may show up on your doorstep! And I'm always so happy that by books are by yours on the shelf!

Sherry Harris

Elaine, I don't think people realize how much free stuff they can get at the end of the day. My protagonist does it all of the time!

Sherry Harris

Karen, I'll go to Scotland with you!

Sherry Harris

Catriona, I'm sure you will find a lake but maybe not The Lake. Have fun!

Tonette Joyce

"Twin Seafood"! Sounds like something my family would do.
Keep them coming! I hope you gain more and more success,Sherry!

Sherry Harris

Thank you so much,Tonette!


I've never been to a garage or yard sale.


Sherry, welcome! I've been to Brimfield, and it's a daunting proposition! Hmm, I think I would want to visit Thermyscira (a/k/a) Paradise Island, home of Wonder Woman.

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