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June 30, 2015


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Love this!

Once I heard a BIG BIG BIG name complaining that he hadn't sold as many books as an equally BIG BIG BIG name.

Once I heard that, I realized it's never-ending. And it made the whole thing a bit easier. It's never enough--and if that's true--then just persevere. xxox

Cannot wait to read LPT!

triss Stein

Great blog, Lori. Very well said and very much worth remembering.


Welcome back to Fatal Acres, Lori. You speak the truth, my wise midwest companion.

Ruth Nixon

Enjoyed the blog. I'm really not into to envy as I found it doesn't do ME any good but then I do envy all you mystery writers going to all these conventions and getting to visit with other mystery authors.


Utilizing envy sounds sensible. Another way to approach it is to realize that the person you envy might well have problems in another part of life, and might be envying you in that area.

Margie Bunting

Lori, I totally agree that the mystery community is generous and supportive, and I'm not even a writer. It is just what I have observed by attending Sisters in Crime meetings and other author signings and events, reading author posts and having conversations with some. I am also beyond impressed with The Black Hour, which I just finished reading yesterday. I wish you continued success with Little Pretty Things.

Sally Schmidt

I think you might be on to something when you say maybe we don't so much envy what they have as the fact that they found whatever it takes to get there. Hopefully motivates us in a good way.

And I did smile reading author posts and blogs about this year's Agathas. Even the authors who had won this year or won many previous awards noted "And Stephen King was there!"

Kristi Belcamino

I'm so glad to be your friend, Lori. Such wise words. I think in life there will always be someone who has the success we covet but what is so great about the mystery world is there are unlimited slices of pie. I love how well this works when we help each other out. For instance, at Printer's Row when someone said they liked Agatha Christie type mysteries, well they won't necessarily like me, but BINGO, they LOVED your book. Just makes sense, right? It is okay to be envious and happy for your friend at the same time and it is normal and I love your take on this so much I'm sharing this post. xx Kristi

Barb Goffman

Beach house? You mean if I keep plugging away there might be a beach house in my future? Congratulations on the new book, Lori, but I can't stay and chat. I better return to my computer. My beach house awaits!

M.P. Cooley

Dear Lori,

Please stop writing such good books.



p.s. I loved this piece, both for your honesty as well as the generosity you display with your fellow authors. I loved the line "..you can be envious of someone’s achievement and still be happy for them. We call these people grown-ups."

Mary Sutton

I love this: The first is that you can be envious of someone’s achievement and still be happy for them. We call these people grown-ups.

I have so many friends I'm happy for - and at the same time, I think "Hopefully it will be my turn someday."

Congrats on all your success.

Jim Ziskin

Great post, Lori. I lust after your success, I want to gorge myself on it, then I want MORE of it. Always more! Alas, I'm too lazy to get up and do it, which only makes me angry. I'm jealous of you because I have such an inflated opinion of myself. Thanks! Your envious friend and fan, Jim

Lisa Alber

Thank for admitting to your envy! I struggle with it sometimes. The way I've always thought about it is that envy is pointing me in the direction I'm meant to be heading.

These days I envy writers who have the self-discipline to maintain consistent writing routines. :-)

Loni Crowell

Thank you, Lori. I needed to read this!

Lori Rader-Day

Thanks for all the comments, everyone! Glad you enjoyed it and exceedingly envious of you all. :)

Dean James

Well said, Lori!




Thoughtful and inspiring. Thank you.


Well said! I heard Michael Connelly speak at Bouchercon. about hating his newspaper job and using that to fuel his fiction writing. You have something in common, turning a negative into a positive. Congrats!


And . . . drumroll . . . Ruth Nixon wins the giveaway!

Lori Rader-Day

Congrats, Ruth! And thank you to everyone who posted!

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