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June 03, 2015


Karen in Ohio

That no-plumbing issue was the first thing I noticed when those silly ads came out. That, and oh, yeah--the tubs with no plumbing are out in the middle of nowhere. So... are they sitting in separate, dry tubs, naked?

It's truly one of the goofiest images in all of advertising. Thank you for writing about it, Elaine!

Elaine Viets

I like the tubs on the mountain top. I can see a line of sweating sherpas carrying the water up the slope.
Still, we remember the image. Does that mean Cialis won?


I've never seen the ads, but when I saw your picture the only thing I thought was that I liked the claw feet. I've got a dumpster-dived antique bathtub in my garage - footless - awaiting feet, for when we finally get round to doing up the bathroom.

Elaine Viets

We had an old house with a clawfoot tub, Catriona The best place for a long bubblebath and a good read.

Sally Schmidt

You're not going to soak your head in a tub, are you?? Thanks for some good laughs with my morning coffee.

Elaine Viets

Only when the moment is right, Sally.

Ruth Nixon

Enjoyed this post as it reminds me of my boys sliding down the slope in my parents claw foot tub and when I was younger at my aunt's house the Labs jumping in the tub with me

Elaine Viets

Dogs? Sliding down a slippery slope? There seems to be more going on in these tubs than hand holding.

Marcia Talley

I wish I could post a photo here of what we call "The Cialis Chairs" that sit at the end of a lane near our cottage in the Bahamas and overlook the harbour entrance. A popular spot!

Elaine Viets

But chairs offer more possibilities than bathtub hand-holding.

Storyteller Mary

Odd concept indeed . . . perhaps Helen can solve this mystery in your next book?

Storyteller Mary

I had an old claw-foot tub in a studio apartment in Minneapolis, built in the '20s, with Murphy beds, tiny closet for flip-out ironing board, and a little pass through door from hallway to kitchen for ice delivery. Baby kitten (Caesarian delivery, fed with eye dropper) from a stray who found her way to our building, used to play kitty handball in that tub, bouncing various bathtub toys off the sides. Broke my heart when the allergist declared, "Zat is a 4+ reaction, on ze scale uff 1-4. You must get rrrrrid of ze catz!"

Elaine Viets

This mystery may be too deep for Helen, Mary.

Elaine Viets

So sorry you lost your kitty.

Charlaine Harris

I wonder why the couples are all so very attractive. Apparently, the older people not only avoid beds, they avoid sex with anyone who can't be a cover model for casual wear. In or out of bathtubs in the middle of nowhere.

Elaine Viets

Maybe only cover models are dumb enough to hold hands in bathtubs in the middle of nowh4ere, Charlaine.

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