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June 01, 2015


Hank Phillippi Ryan

You are such an inspiration! DO you write every day? Do you have a specific time?

HOw do you keep track of your goals?

So great to see you here--and congratulations on the book!!


Gosh, Hank. Who is inspiring whom around here? (Yes, I did a quick who/whom check here and still hope I got it right!)

I write every day even if it's only staying current with social media. When I'm actively crafting a book, I keep to plot point measures, like creating a particular scene, not solely word count. But keeping up with overall goals is harder to measure. Since launching a book and writing career is like starting a business, I've created a personal business plan with milestones every two years.

Thank you for the congrats! With the launch of "The Troubles," I'm right on schedule!


Yes! Thank you, Connie. I'm ready to attack my day like a Rottweiler now.


Ah, Catriona, rottweilers have such great smiles, don't you think? But sometimes that smile does not quite reach the eyes. Hmmmm.

Tracy Wells

Hi Connie,

I am a big fan of your books and am particularly impressed with how precise and detailed you are in regard to describing "the scene of the crime" in your novels. Either you know a very seasoned criminal or crime scene detective or you have a secret life that allows you to bone up on all your exquisite detail. In other words, how do you know all that great crime info?

Thomas Ridgeland

Hi Connie,

I found you by complete accident at a book signing last year and was surprised to say that I really enjoyed your book as much as any best seller I have read. As I am sure you are aware, the world of self publishing allows everyone and their grandmother to publish books. How difficult has it been for you to set yourself apart from the novice/weekend writers as a truly great writer with best seller possibilities?

Susan Carter

Connie,A friend of mine gave me your book to read last year and I initially turned it down; I am a devoted chick lit reader and any book sold under the category of thriller usually makes me cringe...but yours was a great read!It had all the juicy parts of a chick lit novel that I would never associate with a thriller but it also taught me a few things about the world and espionage as well. Do you have plans to market your books in a way that might appeal to chick lit devotees like myself? I think you should!


Hey Connie, As one of your beta-readers for both The Charity and The Troubles, I have seen first-hand what grit, determination and sticktoitiveness (possibly not a real word!) has done for you. As a writer who has many other responsibilities I know that sticking to it can get very sticky, at least as far as time is concerned. Motivation always needs the companionship of determination and time-management. Looking forward to book three!


Hi Tracy, Thomas, and Susan! Welcome to the conversation! I don't have a (public) criminal past, Tracy, but I do try to have fun with my details. Most writers will tell you that they read everything. Readers can sniff out a far-fetched idea that takes away from skin-tingling realism. Voracious reading and thorough research helps with "getting it right" in the publishing world - traditional or indie. As for romance? Sure, Susan! My books have a bit too much edge to be billed as 'romantic suspense,' but many readers of that genre enjoy them. Thanks for the questions!

Ray Anderson

Nice job, Connie, with Hank. What a duo you guys make!


Hello D! (That stands for "Determination," right?) You know it! Very few authors are "one hit wonders." When the decision is made to enter into publishing, implicit from Day One is the fact more than one book will be written. Initially, I had planned to write a very different book for my second, but readers wanted to hear more about Jessica and Michael, the main characters from "The Charity." Emerging authors are strongly encouraged to write series, as that is what helps readers find you and is a way to efficiently leverage a public presence. Fortunately, I knew J & M's story had a lot more fuel, so a sequel is where my efforts landed! Thanks for stopping by and for your ongoing support! It's greatly appreciated.


Hi Ray! Thanks for stopping by. I clicked your name and saw your hiking blog. I'll be hiking the Long Trail this summer through Vermont. Maybe I'll see you there!

Kathy B.

Great blog, Connie! What was the most difficult part of writing the second book? What was the best part?


Writing a sequel is like playing a game of bumper pool. You know you want to sink that ball into the corner pocket, but there are the hard stops of pre-defined characters, plot continuity, and (in my case) Northern Ireland history that block the straight shot and make the game more difficult. The best part is that a more interesting story emerges as a result. Thanks for asking Kathy B.!

Dale T. Phillips

Nice post, and true words. People look at my book output of the last 4 years and think I'm a production maniac, but it's just doing one thing after another. Books don't get written and published without that grit. And I still feel like a slacker!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Connie, you are terrific! Thank you so much for a wonderful day...and I am so thrilled about your mad success!

(and Dale! SO great to see you! xoxoo)

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