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July 22, 2015


Diane S.

Hi, Sasscer! It's good to se you here. Congratulations on your two-book deal. Looking forward to reading it. And seems a fictional retelling of that story about the Louisiana racehorse owner and car dealer would be los of fun. No need to get trooped over by facts! Maybe this time she succeeds. .. or the hit man his the wrong person by accident and it becomes a comedy of errors. Good luck!

Marcia Talley

Morning, Sasscer! Readers might be interested to learn where your pen name came from. Auto-correct keeps changing it to "Sassier" on my computer, by the way.

Sasscer Hill

Thank you Diane. I do love that story, and if anyone has time to watch his Ford dealership add, you will probably understand why Lemarque's wife wanted to kill him!

Sasscer Hill

Good morning, Marcia. I can be sassy at times and even sassier at other times, so the moniker is not altogether inapt.

I think this tendency to be a bit sassy comes out in my protagonists and hopefully adds an element that readers are drawn to.

Sasscer Hill

Regarding the name "Sasscer" it is my given middle name as my father was William Henry Sasscer Hill, as was his father, and my great grandmother was Henrieta Sasscer. The Sasscers were Huguenots who fled religious persecution in France.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Hey Sasscer! "What are you doing in there with that chicken" is a great line!

ANd hurray on your book deal--you know i am SUCH a fan!

Sasscer Hill

Thank you, Hank! Always a treat to hear from you!

I may have to write a book entitled, "Awkward Chicken Moments" as I have a number of stories as ridiculous as that one.

Polly Iyer

Great stories, Sasscer. I'm thrilled about your new contract and can't wait to read Fia. Brava.

Sally Schmidt

Fascinating. New to me series,going to the top of my TBR list. I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy Dick Francis novels. And the chicken - too funny!

Sasscer Hill

Thank you Polly Iyer! I am excited about being with St. Martins and am enjoying writing the second Fia McKee tale of mystery and intrigue with a touch of romance.

You have terrific novels with all those same ingredients, Polly. Write on

Sasscer Hill

Thank you Sally Schmidt. I do love a good chicken joke! I also loved Dick Francis, and am happy to write in the tradition of his novels. My best to you, Sally, and read on!

Ellen Byerrum

So happy to hear of your new book deal, Sasscer. And I think to entertain is a very noble goal.

Sasscer Hill

Well, Ellen Byerrum, you are certainly no slacker in the entertainment department. Not many of us have had our books turned into a TV show as you have!

Marcia Talley

Can you tell us a bit more about Fia???

Sasscer Hill

Yes! Fia is a 32-year-old agent for the real US agency, the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau (TRPB). The bureau's mission is to protect the integrity of horse racing. As the first novel in the series opens, Fia is a Baltimore police officer who burns with anger because her father’s murder has remained unsolved. When her rage erupts, and she kills a man who’s attempting to strangle a woman, Fia is suspended from the department for “excessive use of force.” She gets a second chance working as an undercover agent for the TRPB.

Rhonda Lane

Psyched about your upcoming publication with St. Martins! Can't wait to find out how Fia might utilize that chicken. #WeaponizedPoultry

Sasscer Hill

Actually, Rhonda, in the first in the Series, she has two Demorphin producing tree frogs she gets involved with. This drug, Demorphin, is up to 100 times stronger than morphine and is used by some not so nice trainers to keep sore horses running.

Marcia Talley

Chickens and tree frogs! I love this.

Nancy G. West

A great post Sasscer. You undoubtedly have more fascinating stories to tell. I'll love reading them.Congratulations!

Sasscer Hill

Thank you, Nancy G. West, I do appreciate your kind words. Essentially, writers are story tellers. Reading other author's stories keeps me entertained, and writing my own keeps me sane!

Elaine Viets

Welcome, Sasser. Love the chicken story. Congratulations on your new contract.

Sasscer Hill

Thank you, Elaine. Those are wonderful words coming from you! Am looking forward to receiving my first pub date with St. Martins in a week or so!

C. Hope Clark

Big congrats on the book deal, Sasscer. So proud of you. You've worked hard for this.

Sasscer Hill

Thank you, Hope! Yes, you've heard about some of the long and winding road I traveled to get there.

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