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September 03, 2015


Charlaine Harris

I hate to sound all self-righteous, but when that gentleman has to go to the skin doctor to get skin cancers removed, he may feel differently. (This is the voice of experience.) Elaine, your life has changed so much with your willingness to experience all these oddball jobs! I'm sure you think of that often.

Elaine Viets

I do, Charlaine, and I think how lucky I am to work jobs I've enjoyed. The jobs I didn't enjoy, like being a telemarketer for "Dying to Call You" were a wakeup call that not everyone gets that choice. And you're right about the sunburned Canadian. Skin cancer is a major trouble in paradise.

Alan Portman

After many years, I now take Monday holidays off from the pizza thing and will be spending the day with the family.

But for my pizza brothers and sisters "Labor Day is just another day that I labor."

I have pushed for many years for a "Service Workers Labor Day". On SWLD banks, schools, and factories would be open 7 to 11. Restaurants, Movie Theaters, and Malls would be closed.

Elaine Viets

A Service Workers Labor Day would be a real labor day, Alan. Here's to all those people working in malls, hospitals, police stations and utility companies, who make our lives safe and comfortable on this holiday.

Dean James

I will be finishing writing a book. Trying to figure out if the whole thing hangs together...

Elaine Viets

I feel your pain, Dean. Good luck!


Well, the Sunday before Labor Day,my sis and I will be trying to run 10 miles with our half marathon training team. And, Labor Day, we're running the Jewish Community Ctr's 5K in Creve Coeur! Whee,...we'll be laboring, ha! We are taking Tuesday off as a rest day, LOL! :)

Elaine Viets

Is this one half of my favorite set of twins? I can't believe you two run marathons in the St. Louis heat. I can barely walk to my car. Have fun!

Toni L.P. Kelner

Seventeen years ago was my most labor-intensive Labor Day. Because I was in...wait for it...labor. Yeah, Valerie was born after a long day of labor on Labor Day.

On the whole, I'd say getting her was worth missing the day off.

Elaine Viets

I love it! Congratulations! That was a labor of love.

Storyteller Mary

Alan, so glad you get to have a family holiday.
I'll be relaxing, probably reading . . . but there were many years of putting last minute touches on lesson plans and entering student names in grade books and seating charts. Now school has already been in session for two or three weeks.
Happy day, whatever you are doing.
As a wise gentleman once told me, "Any day looking at the grass from this side is a good day."

Elaine Viets

And so it is, Mary. Enjoy your well-deserved free time.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

I'm on word number 71,435. Not that I'm counting. xoox

Elaine Viets

Wish I was -- I'm at 51,278.


Yes, this is Jane of the STL Judy & Jane twins, LOL! Both our runs are early in the morning, so we'll hopefully either be avoiding the heat or not be awake enough to notice. 😃Have a great Labor Day!

Elaine Viets

Back at you, double!

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