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October 12, 2015


Karen in Ohio

As a lifelong My Fair Lady fan (my grandmother took me to the big-screen theater to see it when I was seven), any continuation or expansion of this charming story is enticing to me. Cannot wait to read this book.

Thanks for all the background info! sounds like great fun.

Geraldine Galentree

Sounds like such a fun read. But not so easy to write, I'll bet. Thanks for sticking to it and getting it done. Loved reading your casting picks!

Margie Bunting

I've been eyeing this book at Barnes & Noble and would love to read it. But I'll check out the first in the series before I read this one. Thank you for the background notes!

Jayna Monroe

Next week my husband and I will be attending a 50th anniversary screening of My Fair Lady, taking our dearest friend for his birthday. I didn't know about these books - must order immediately!

Sally Schmidt

I want to be in that picture, having tea and scones with you! I love Pygmalion because I love Wendy HIller (not so much Leslie Howard) but it's not a different or better version of My Fair Lady. I agree, that can only be Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn. And your other casting is right on. And what a fun series, unexpected but fun. Keep writing please! Thanks for the giveaway.

Storyteller Mary

Fun concept! I cannot imagine the complexity of tandem writing . . . collaborative decision-making is hard! Kudos on sticking it out together <3

Elaine Viets

Love your "dream" cast and hope it becomes a reality. Congratuations on a delightful series.

Susan Neace

Wouldn't it be loverly to win this!

Jerry Ann Berry

The book sounds delightful and it would be "loverly" to win a copy .


We (Meg and family) are also going to see MY FAIR LADY on the big screen! I'm so excited, since I missed it back in '64 (I was quite young)... isn't it LOVERLY they're bringing it back? Enjoy!

Jim Collins

This sounds like great fun. I hope you have Alfred P. in there too... he was always one of my favorites!


Sally Schmidt - you have won the giveaway. Congratulations! Could you please email your mailing address to catrionamcpherson@gmail.com

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