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October 14, 2015


Susan Neace

The Ky state song, My Old Kentucky Home, has a lovely melody and the words were amended to remove the references to "darkies". However the official oath for the state requires you to swear you never fought in a duel or acted as a second in a duel

Marcia Talley

Ah, yes! Barry is from KY where the "darkies" used to be "gay." Now, I think the "young folk are gay." The KY legislature pretty much threw up their hands and said, "whatever."

Elaine Viets

You should let it go, except for that line about gore flecking the streets of Baltimore. A rhyme like that should be preserved.

Karen in Ohio

Can't stop laughing. Between the original lyrics and the proposed amendments, what more could go wrong?

Marcia Talley

Lots, apparently. Barry says that when word leaked that one of our state legislators was planning to ditch the song, she began getting hate mail!

Victoria Thompson

Oh, Marcia, thanks so much for this! I remember singing this every morning in elementary school. Only the verse about Howard's warlike thrust, though. Love NPR's lyrics.

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