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December 08, 2015



So sorry to hear about your wallet but I'm so glad there was a silver lining! Actually, several silver linings!

Sarah Rizzo

Whomever did this is an ___hole and I hope karma bites them in the butt. On the upside you have hard evidence that there is good in the world, a gorgeous new dress and an amazing new wallet. I hope this never happens again but if so I'm your local ATM❤️

Ruth Nixon

I know it hasn't been the best of years, except for your books, for you. Sounds like Davis can still almost be like old Davis., the glass with the silver lining I've had to stop going to events in Davis at night if I'm alone.At work I remind women to be very careful of their purses. Here's hoping the bad stuff is over and 2016 will return to normal.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Whoa. You are amazing. WHY does everything happen on the deadline day? Just when you have it ALL figured out, and you know, skin of your teeth, will yet again prevail, the universe says: Watch this, sister.

Good for you for making lemonade.

Vickie Fee

You got the super hero wallet, now all you need is a cape -- you've got the super powers already, Catriona!

Leslie Budewitz

I can hardly wait to see the dress!

Gwen Mayo

Can I expect to see a thief bumped off in your next book?

Storyteller Mary

I have a cape if you need it. The Y did a super hero day and my friend gave me hers for storytelling. Speaking of stories, your saga reminded me of the many "youngest child" sagas, in which friends made along the way help the hero to succeed in the quest. Thank goodness that there are still many more good people than bad in this world. Hugs!

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