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December 04, 2015


Susan Neace

Big Butter Jesus near Monroe Ohio visible from I-75. It was astonishing to see this huge figure from the chest up on the flat landscape. Heywood Banks memorialized it in song. When it was struck by lightening he got hundreds of e-mails and ultimately wrote a new final verse. (SeeYoutube). The church built another statute but it doesn't have the same impact

Hank Phillippi Ryan

I once covered a hot air balloon race in Helen, Georgia. it's a sort of German-inspired -decorated town Everything Bavarian. And we ate at the Taco Haus.


are you sure those "flamencos" aren't really flamingoes?


Wow, Susan. I've never heard of it, so thanks for acquainting me.


Taco Haus!? Fun, Hank! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for catching that, Mary...sigh. I wish I could say I've never made that flub before, but I always do.

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