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December 09, 2015


Susan Neace

I don't think this is just an issue with books written outside the US. I have been trying to think of any book I read in high school or college as important literature that wasn't depressing.

Marcia Talley

Sujata, I find all "Oprah books" depressing. The plots all seem to be the same: life is terribly hard, things get even tougher, then everyone dies. Give me a nice murder mystery any day. I'm just rereading (for the nth time!) Josephine Tey's "Miss Pym Disposes." A total delight.

sujata massey

Hi Susan, I think there's a giant disconnect between teachers and students....the teachers think they must assign depressing books, perhaps to shock the kids out of complacency!

sujata massey

Marcia, I just read an article in Vanity Fair a couple of months ago about Josephine Tey. Did you see it? I want to read her also. Which do you suggest for me, if I only have time to read 1 or 2?

Sue Trowbridge

Here is a link to the Josephine Tey article, in case anyone is curious: http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2015/09/josephine-tey-mystery-novelist

I'd certainly echo Marcia and recommend "Miss Pym Disposes."

Kate Charles

Sujata, you should rad 'The Franchise Affair'. It's the one without a murder! Very rare in its time.

Marcia Talley

Sujata, you must read Daughter of Time first! Then either the Franchise Affair or Miss Pym Disposes. The latter is set at a woman's college.

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