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January 26, 2016


Mario R.

Every cliché in the book (so to speak) ... loved it! Thank you for the essay, John. Hannahwhere has just dropped down onto my Kindle. Really good horror books are scarce, and what between this essay and a blurb from F. Paul Wilson, I very much look forward to reading yours.


"Do not move to Maine"--snort!

Best of luck with HANNAHWHERE, John! It's terrific!

Elaine Viets

Welcome to the Femmes, John. And thank you for a hilarious blog. You gave new meaning to "child-proofing" a house.

Alan Portman

Very fun! I am a pizza dude. One of our regular customers lives next door to a house where Hubs bashed his wife in the head and then said she fell down the steps. The coroner didn't buy it and neither did the jury.

But someone moved into the house about a year after the trial. It did have new paint and windows.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

This is SO valuable! I will never look at house-hunting the same way again.

We;re happy in ours, though…

wait--what's that sound?

Charlaine Harris

I think Realtors are required to disclose to buyers if there's been a murder in the house, right? But I suppose that doesn't apply to ghosts!

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