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January 13, 2016



Oh, dear. I mentioned poetry and scared you all away! So sorry, Femmes! Now, go to your shelves. Pull down six books. Stack, rearrange, rearrange again. Pull one out, and rearrange the rest. Voila -- a book spine poem!

Deborah Crombie

This fabulous! Thanks for including me, Leslie. If I weren't in London, I'd be making poetry with my bookshelves, too!

Marcia Talley

I just looked on the shelf in the rental apartment where we keep paperbacks left by former renters and came up with:

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
The Far Pavillions

(Michener, Berendt, Kaye)

Kill Fee
Take Your Money and Run


I love it and will have to play when i can make way thru my piles of books, papers and other fluff

Leslie Budewitz

Debs, you've inspired me since before I started writing! Looking forward to seeing -- reading -- what this visit to London sparks!

Leslie Budewitz

Marcia, that's marvelous! Caribbean haiku! Happy sails!

Leslie Budewitz

Kay, enjoy whenever you get to it. As the piles on my office floor demonstrate, this idea keeps!

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