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January 26, 2016



Sounds like a Scots feast! Ever try pickled rutabaga? Yummo.


As an ingredient in piccalilli (sp?) but not alone.

Eileen Rendahl

Aw, you're a peach! Such a fun fun night!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Ahhh..SO FABULOUS! haggis aside, you had me a cranachan--and then add my absolute idol John Lescroart and signing buddy Eileen Rendahl and ahh....you are too amazing.

Love this. Thank ou for introducing me to a whole new thing. And I will send you waterproof mascara for next year!

Charlaine Harris

I am so glad there are people who enjoy eating this. It makes my world seem broader. As a kid, I ate crackling bread many a time (cornbread with pig small intestine) and loved it, but it only took describing it to my semi-Yankee husband to find out that the rest of the world found crackling bread totally yucky in concept.

Marcia Talley

Last year on Burns Night, a group of like-minded sailors, some American, some Canadian, gathered at the Hope Town Inn and Marina on Elbow Cay to celebrate. No haggis, alas -- the local grocery was fresh out of sheep stomachs, if you can believe it -- but we had a lovely time toasting, singing and reading poetry to one another. That some had such a splendid time that they could hardly find their way back to their anchored vessels was, I suppose, a plus.

Donna Andrews

So am I a bad Scottish-American if I want to pass on the haggis? I'm there for the cock-a-leekie and oatcakes; I'm fine with oatmeal in the cranachan, but may I be allowed to take only a tiny, token nibble of the haggis?


I steam mine in a bowl instead of in a stomach, because I can't get whole sheep's stomachs here. But still, I'll whip up a mushroom omelette for anyone who's scunnered.

Edith Maxwell

I just want to say - can I come next year? I have never experienced a Burns night, and now desperately want to, especially at your house!

Elaine Viets

The evening sounds wonderful. The haggis -- not so much. But what a lovely blog. Thank you, Catriona.


What a fantastic evening, Catriona! And the drawings are just perfect.

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