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February 12, 2016


Elaine Viets

Congratulations, Dana. The BSI is a wonderful group -- smart and funny. Have fun matching wits with them.


Thanks, Elaine! I will certainly have to keep on my toes.

Kathy Harig

Beautiful words from a Sherlockian friend and damn good author. Congrats! Love ya,Dana. Here's to many more BSI weekends in NYC. Kathy

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Wow...sigh. SO wonderful! How did they choose the name, do you know? Off to your blog..


Thank you, Kathy! That means the world to me. <3


Hank, it's up to the "Wiggins," who is the head of the BSI. Oftentimes, the member has some kind of connection to the title. I believe having a sense of humor (as in, not minding being called a rat!) had something to do with mine... ;-) I love that, and I like the associations the reference has in the canon.

Charlaine Harris

You are the very best rat ever, Dana.


Aw, shucks, Charlaine--thank you!

Jerrilyn Farmer

The honor couldn't have been bestowed upon a finer rat. Is it time to order a case of Sumatran wine?


Thank you, Jerrilyn! You know me, it's always time to order a case of wine. :-) I guess in this case, it would be palm wine (or Sumatran coffee).

Scott Monty

Welcome to the club, my murine friend!


Thank you, Scott! I'm bruxing and boggling with happiness.

Mary S.

What fun! I love that you get a name and a shilling. Signifies the Quality. :) Congratulations!


Thank you, Mary!


I am woefully unfamiliar with Sherlock. Still, huge congrats to you.

Jan Burke

Sharing time with you is always a highlight of BSI weekend. Was so glad to be there for your investiture!


Thank you, Mark!

Jan, it's always great to hang with you. I was thrilled you and SJ were there for the investiture!

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