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February 21, 2016



Hi Femmes!
Thanks so much for having us on and letting us introduce our characters. It's been a wonderful ride and we were glad to share it with you!

Jaden Terrell

I second Larissa's comment. Thank you for inviting us to visit with you!

Michael Guillebeau

I third the thanks. And, despite what I said above, I wonder if writers can be trusted to discuss our own characters. A reader of my second book, A STUDY IN DETAIL, told me one character inspired her to live a better life.

And I thought she was a cute minor character.

Lisa Alber

I'm fourth! What a pleasure on all levels.


Thanks for the heads-up on this! I've downloaded it and am looking forward to meeting some new authors and their characters.

Jessie B Powell

Thank you so much for hosting us Femmes. And thank you, Hank for everything you've done for us. We're having an amazingly successful run with this anthology, and your support has played a large role in that.

Jaden Terrell

Cathy, thank you. I think I can speak for all of us when I say I hope you enjoy it.

Michael, you're right about how other people can perceive our characters very differently than we do!

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