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February 03, 2016



Isn't it amazing sometimes how things we would normally pass on turn out to have good things in them for us. At times it makes me wonder about other good things I'm missing out on. However, there are only so many hours in the day, and we have to cut out things somewhere.

Dean James

Mark, you're right. I never know what good things I've missed, but it's better not to know in that case!

Sharan Newman

That is fascinating, but I still want to know what guns and gardens have to do with each other. Is is for people who want to shoot pesky deer and moles that nibble on the lettuce?

Dean James

Sharan, I have been pondering the same thing. Apparently this magazine is a big thing right now. Who'd'a thunk it?

Carolyn Haines

I agree with you on both writers, and on guns, and on Matthew McConaughey. Another wonderful writer is Doris Betts. And of course the dark, dark humor of Flannery O'Connor. These writers greatly influenced me, too. It was "Wide Net," a Welty short story, where I realized that characters could be like me, country people. When I read "Wide Net" in eighth grade (my English teach caught me reading a Harold Robbins novel in class and traded out that book for a collection of Welty short stories) I knew I wanted to write.

Dean James

Carolyn, I haven't read Doris Betts so I need to remedy that. Haven't read O'Connor or Welty in way too long, either.


Fascinating. But yes indeed. If someone had asked me to fill in the blank in a magazine title Garden and ... I'd be guessing a long time before I hit on that.

Mario R.

Garden & Gun is about Southern (U.S.) culture (including sporting), life, music, art, food, and travel. Although I've never read the magazine itself, I do own a copy of The Southerner's Handbook: a Guide to Living the Good Life, a collection of essays that have appeared in that magazine, It's full of recipes, lively anecdotes, explanations of southern culture, bits of history, discussions of southern writers and literature, etc. I found it delightful, even though -- like you -- I am neither a gardener nor a gun person.
--Mario R.

Elaine Viets

What an amazing find, Dean. Unlikely title for a magazine, but isn't it nice to get a pleasant surprise in the mail?

Dean (Miranda) James

Mario, that handbook does sound interesting. I might need to get a copy and brush up on my own southern-ness (sans guns, though).


It's always intriguing what a sold mail list will bring, Dean. In this case, you struck gold.

Charlaine Harris

What's next? Desserts and Self-Defense? Though that might not make such a bad combination. I get a magazine for horse lovers, though I haven't sat on a horse in sixty years.

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