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March 14, 2016


Dean James

I agree, Charlaine. The comparisons to what went on in Europe in the 1930s are rather frightening.


This is a genuine question - and isn't it sad that the ubiquity of snark means I have to say that? - but do people often protest at rallies, by standing up and showing their t-shirts and signs or by shouting "No"? Or is this particular to Trump's rallies?

Charlaine Harris

Catriona, I think that behavior is more common at sports events than at speaking engagements for presidential candidates. Though people do get excited about supporting someone, which is great . . . but not to the point of beating up people who disagree with their choice.

Marcia Talley

Leadership needs to be coming from the person standing at the podium, especially if that person plans to lead from the White House. That's what is so scary.

Elaine Viets

This year is frightening as well as saddening, Charlaine. What leader tells his followers to hit protesters in the face, punch them, and then promises to pay their bills if they're jailed?
I love my country, but this year, I'm deeply ashamed of it.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

WHat astonishes me, also, if the…acceptance of the "new truth." A person says something, then two days or two weeks later denies it ,and everyone says ,oh, yeah, okay.

Reality has evaporated, and it is so scary.


The year is so scary for politics. I agree with you 100%.

Well, except for one point. I don't think the gloves were ever off that much. Look back at stuff from any point in American history, and you'd see that, while things are especially bad this year, they've been bad in the past.

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