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March 11, 2016



My go to for a good laugh is still I Love Lucy. Doesn't matter how many times I've seen an episode, I still laugh at it.


Wow, Mark, it's been years, for me! Need to check out Lucy again.

Storyteller Mary

There is Laughter Yoga. We had sessions at our library for a while, silly but we did feel wonderful afterwards, and my friend reported lower blood pressure.
I use Vanicream for all of me; it might be aging also, though I think that's from birthday cakes . . .


I've heard of it, Mary! Cool stuff!

Elaine Viets

Hilarious. Laughing always makes me feel better, but it causes wrinkles, too.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

A good laugh? Eddie Izzard. EVERY time. (We'l have to talk about Lucy sometime.I was always embarrassed for her.)

Dana, is that a FitBit? Do you like it?

And I have never had a facial, I know it sounds impossible, but I am terrified of them.

((When I am traveling, I use plain Dove soap and vaseline. Seriously. Would your person yell at me for that? (You can imagine how attractive a vaseline face is…luckily I am alone on book tour nights.))

I know I know, this comment is a little stream of consciousness. It's Monday. Pi day!


Elaine, those wrinkles I can live with!

Hank: Cake or death! Or Pi!

It is a Fitbit; I like it because it reminds me to get out of my chair. Or, it tries.

I think this particular facialist would yell at Elizabeth Arden her own self.

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