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March 09, 2016


Karen in Ohio

I'm thinking somebody was high when they set about naming all these things.

Jesse loren

Oh my god. I feel class raped. I had high tea at Le Orangery, but really it was just hipster tea! Damn! Well, tea is a lot more pleasant than eating an American Snickers bar and a Go Girl!

Elaine Viets

So do you put the milk in first at "high tea"?
Loved this blog.

Susie Calkins

Ha! Funny! Reminds of when I worked for a while at a caf in London. I knew nothing of making tea. I will never forget the faces on the people in the line when I plopped a teabag into a mug of water, stuck the mug in the microwave, and proceeded to hand out microwaved tea. They probably thought I was related to the heathens who dumped the tea in the Boston Harbor! (and you don't want to know about the riots that nearly started when I made the hot cocoa with water instead of milk...!)

Sheila Connolly

Love it. Many years ago I treated myself to high tea at the Ritz in London, and spent the time watching a young Indian (shoot, what do I call him? Rajah? He had a gorgeous turban.) at another table entertain two doting elderly ladies who hung on his every word.


EDIT: a friend of Donna's just made the excellent point (on Facebook) that the non-posh people who actually eat high tea, or something like it, don't call it high tea. They call it tea.

Maria Hudgins

Just when I think I've got you Brits straight, I find I'm completely wrong...again.

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