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March 16, 2016


Elaine Viets

I need to read Allingham, Dean I'm a fan of another golden age writer, Craig Rice. And I agree -- Murder by the Book in Houston is a terrific bookstore, a treat for readers and writers both.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, I love Allingham. But I had no idea she looked like that! Perfect! Thank you!


I must confess I skipped right over that period of time when you are supposed to read the authors from the Golden Age. I was reading mostly mystery as a kid, but during my teen years, I was reading Christian fiction (which wasn't all Amish back then) mainly historical and general fiction. (Okay, and I kept reading kid's fiction until well into high school as well. I just didn't want to stop and my brother is 7 years younger than me, so I had his books.)

When I came back to mystery, I started with contemporary authors and never found/made the time to go back and read the classics.

Susan Neace

I love Dorothy Sayers Lord Peter books and really enjoy the Walsh continuation of the series. I read the original Sherlock Holmes and a lot of disappointing short story continuations over the years until Laurel King gave him back to me in the Mary Russel books.

Mary S.

Dean, Allingham was my favorite "discovery" too, around 1980. I loved Christie and all the others, but Miz A's writing was so much more lively. And so funny with Lugg. :)

Susan, totally agree about the Mary Russel books!

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