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April 18, 2016



From everything I've read, it really is hard work. But when done well, the results are so much fun.

Charlaine Harris

I agree. That would have to be driving force. It's a real team effort from start to finish.

Elaine Viets

It is hard work, Charlaine, and it requires patience and concentration. But you have to admit it's more glamorous than working at the Ford plant. Looking forward to seeing Aurora on the screen.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

The people who make other people comfortable are called "moms."

SO exciting! See you at Malice--hurray!

Dean James

Thanks for sharing this inside glance at the process. Interesting that so much of it is tedium and busy-work to get ready for the part that the rest of the world sees.


All I know about telly work is from listening to Joss Whedon commentaries and that made my head hurt. Getting each scene so that you can cut for length and still have perfect continuity? Ouch.

Marcia Talley

When ALA was in Miami many moons ago, I spent several hours at the Eden Rock Hotel where Sean Connery was filming a movie. Spectators were allowed on the mezzanine floor where we had a clear view of everything going on. I watched Sean Connery come into the hotel, grab a luggage cart, push it toward the elevator. The door opens, a mother and young daughter get out, Sean says, "Here, take this for me ..." and gets in the elevator, doors close. And again. And again. Twenty or so times. I didn't mind a bit, however. Sean looked gorgeous in his Armani. Drool. And between takes, he flirted with the fans.


Very cool, Charlaine! I'm glad you get to see this part of the process.

Sara Weiss

I grew up visiting sets every summer. It always amazed me that it took 8 or more hours to get 22 minutes of usuable tv.

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