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April 12, 2016



As I said on a panel at the Cleveland Bouchercon, when I first read Mary Higgins Clark, it was a major transition moment for me - From Encyclopedia Brown and Nancy Drew to an "adult book." For some reason, when I read Where Are The Children, I realized that this type of thing could really happen - and that it was possible it could happen to my Mom! The heroine of that story was just a regular mother going about life when things went terrible wrong.

From there, my love of domestic suspense stemmed and has never abated.

Elaine Viets

Congratulations, Catriona. This is an excellent list of nominees -- so many good books here.
Mary Higgins Clark is one of the most successful -- and kindest -- writers in the mystery world. A glamorous, gracious woman. You are indeed honored.

Susie Calkins

Thank you for inviting me to share my thoughts! I loved everyone's take! And I think Kristopher's comment (above) is spot on: her books represented a transition for me in my reading. (I'm sure I still read less "adult" books, but there was something transformative about her book when I encountered it as a teenager)...

Lori Rader-Day

So we were all scarred by Where Are the Children! Good to know. It is indeed an honor to be nominated---it's made my year! I would also like to point out that the breakfast at which you met her, Catriona, was put on by MWA Midwest and planned by Clare O'Donohue and YOURS TRULY. I got to eat my banquet hall eggs sitting right next to MHC! It was a real moment for me. I got to tell her that library story above. She is delightful.


Huh. I can't spell "resplendent". Fixed it now.

Hallie Ephron

Thanks, Catriona, for sharing the spotlight! Where Are the Children is certainly a classic suspense novel. MHC opened the door for the rest of us to crowd in behind her.

Donna Andrews

Glad I don't have to vote, because there are too many good books here, all written by lovely friends.

Karen in Ohio

All of the above. And how does one choose a winner, when all the entries are fantastic?

May I also say that the always elegant Mary Higgins Clark is one of the few people in the world who looks exactly like her author photo--from 15 years ago? I'd search for her real portrait, if I was ever in her attic.

Kathy Reel

An amazing list of authors and titles here! I've read three and am planning on catching up on the other two. I need to catch up with Susanna's wonderful Lucy Campion series an start the intriguing Kate Shackleton series. Lori, Hallie, and you, Catriona, are all books I read and have as favorites. Wish you all could receive the award.

Kathy Reel

I've already commented, but I wanted to add a couple of things. I look forward every year to the new Mary Higgins Clark book. I know it will be a great read, a reliable friend. It was really interesting reading how the Mary Higgins Clark mysteries played a part in each of the nominees' lives.

Frances Brody

Great to read what everyone has to say. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Mary Higgins Clark but she looks grandly impressive in the photographs. Although I won't be over to cheer for my fellow nominees in New York, or congratulate at Malice, I've just booked for Bouchercon in New Orleans. Hope to see some of you there ...?

Cath Hoffner

Mary Highins Clark had me at "Loves Music Loves To Dance" book. I devoured her books. What great personal takes from the nominees! All of these authors' books were excellent reads. Congrats on your nominations!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, you are all my heroes. WOw. Terrific! And Mary is the queen of us all.

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