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May 02, 2016


Mary Sutton

No tricks, sorry. But how wonderful for you and happiest of book birthdays! I look forward to helping you celebrate in a couple weeks.

Judith Mehl

Keep a chart of each book. A pain, until you need it. Then it's a piece of cake. Good luck.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yes, it is a pain--but I keep a chart, too, as I go. Just on a yellow pad! It is SO helpful...for instance, for the times a character says something like "Was it only Tuesday she was killed?" And I think--whoa, I have no idea.


Heck, sometimes I can't remember character names from a book I just read and loved a week after I've finished it. The characters from the new novel are there in my brain instead.

Congrats on the nomination and the new release today!

Annette Dashofy

Thanks, everyone!

And I do keep a file of all the little details in the series. My problem is at personal events when someone in the audience asks me about a certain detail in one of the earlier books. Then I'm left scrambling. Can I drag my laptop with me and say, "Just one minute while I look that up!"???? ;-)

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