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May 16, 2016



You know, I could use some serious decluttering. Why don't you come out here to work on your next deadline?

Donna Andrews

Will keep it in mind if I need a break from my usual environment. And I think Barb would give my decluttering services a good reference.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

YOu are SO right! Once I thought: Instead of writing--I really need to alphabetize my spice cabinet. Seriously!


Any author with a deadline. and an urge to clean is welcome at my house.

Cynthia Kuhn

So funny, Donna. And so true...

Nancy Roessner

I can relate to all of this, except the writing deadline. Yet, I am drowning in paper!

Sherry Harris

I think we could have a second career as organizers. I need you all to come over to my basement!

Mario R.

I've got this entire house filled with boxes and bags of STUFF. Care to come on over? [sighs] [looks around] [whimpers]

Margaret Hamilton Turkevich

you forgot weeding, pruning and fertilizing the garden.

Susan Oleksiw

It's the paper. I can't understand where it all comes from. And I can't give it away like my old clothes or extra dishes. . . The last 10% of every ms is the most troublesome. That's when I find stacks of books on the floor that weren't there yesterday. How does it happen?


I'm in the midst of downsizing. When I have to be doing it, it's where I'm frozen in where to begin. I'm doing it. You're right though. When I'm supposed to be doing something else, decluttering is so much more appealing and is calling me to it.

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