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June 13, 2016



Thank you, Charlaine.

Elaine Viets

I'm saddened and horrified by Orlando, Charlaine, and disgusted by the politician who is using this tragedy to advance his agenda of hate. The reaction of many in the gay community, who countered with, "Hate never wins" is moving. The politicians who believe the Amendment to the Constitution includes owning an AR-15 didn't parachute into DC. Wake up, America. You have the power to vote them out. Do it.


Excellent sentiments, Charlaine. Thanks for posting.

Charlaine Harris

You are absolutely right, alert readers. I did not mean the Fifth Amendment, but the Second. I should have read the little copy of the Constitution I keep in my desk! I apologize.

Donna Andrews

Amen, Charlaine.


So say we all, Charlaine.

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