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June 27, 2016


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yes, I actually do. It is TERRIFYING. But she doesn't even seem to have books n her bandwidth--I mean, they are not part of her life at all. SHe's educated, has a responsible job, and is a lovely person. But I've known her for 18 years and I can't remember he ever reading a book. Not even mind. She kind of--pretends, you know? She also doesn't read the newspaper--except on her phone.
I can't understand it.

Charlaine Harris

Hank, I know such people too. And many of them say things like, "I've just been so busy. I haven't had time to read." I simply don't understand that. I really have no concept of what people DO with their time, if they don't read.

Melissa Weller

I am a bookseller, and I can guarantee that there IS a book for everyone out there!, they havent' found it yet! I also draw from my experience as a mom and as an elementary substitute teacher: it might take someone a little time to develope their reading muscles, but once they do, they will find something! I see it all the time: guys and gals buying the latest craze because of all the buzz. These folks come back looking for the sequel! People who have kids start buying for them and pretty soon are discovering the fun of reading.

As a bookseller I throw open the doors-wide. I welcome one and all. You say you don't read? What do you like? We can find a book or magazine about that. And yes reading a magazine is reading, it keeps those reading muscles toned! Teen sensation? Come and get it!

I do take customers over to the mystery section and hand sell books. I ask what they like, what they have read, have they tried? I get recommendations from other customers and pass those along to the newbie. And then I ask them to come back and tell me what they thought! They do!

Charlaine Harris

Melissa, I can tell you are a GREAT bookseller. That's the kind of personal approach that keeps bookstores alive. I agree that one book can set off a chain reaction. It's just putting that right book in the hands of the right (potential) reader.

Elaine Viets

Thank you, Melissa, for handselling books. As a writer and a former bookseller, that's how books are sold. Books need that personal connection. I'm addicted to reading -- I read between four and five books a week and rarely go anywhere without a book. I knew a few people who aren't readers. They watched videos, which are fun, but I love books too much to give them up.


I'm doing my best to read to make up for those who don't. But I read for entertainment, not education. I find non-fiction books boring. So I'm not completely sure what that says about me.


Thanks, Melissa--as Charlaine and Elaine put it, it's the personal connection.

Charlaine, I'm a year-round reader (as I suspect most of our Fellow Fatales and blog readers are). I can't imagine not picking up a book...or going first to the bookcase in someone's house.

Charlaine Harris

I think if I read double the books I actually have time for, maybe I will compensate for one person who doesn't read, Mark. I have yet to learn if that actually balances out.

Dana, I really don't know how I'd spend my time if I didn't read. I simply can't imagine that.


The part about lower income folks reading more for entertainment- that's an interesting nugget. I wonder if this is true historically.

I'm a year-round reader and I equate it to breathing. Not a day goes by that I am nit reading a novel. However, as I've progressed in my career, I've found that I am reading more nonfiction books also but I could never give up my mysteries!

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